Make your motion graphics appear big budget and grab attention!


Motion graphics videos and animations are becoming increasingly popular as brands realise the power of video marketing. They work so well because they are enjoyable to watch, communicate messages simply, and create high levels of viewer engagement. When you need cutting-edge motion graphics for your video presentations, web videos or 3D animations for your corporate videos and TV commercials, we are here to help. Gomie Design has an experienced team of graphics designers who can make your ideas a reality, give your communications the wow factor and motivate your audience to act. Whether you’re after a how-to video for your website, an engaging animation to cut through the clutter on social media, or a unique showreel of what you do, we’d love to bring your story to life.


If you have an animation or motion graphics video that you would like to move forward, get in touch today. Contact Blaize at or call 02921 660 426 from Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.