Big Mouth Project

#BigMouth is a creative movement threaded with a political attitude that aims to give voice to a generation of individuals who want to see change and progress.

The project wants to bring to life stimulating concepts on a global scale, shifting the focus from the big mouths that are trying to dominate and mould the vision of the world, and grabbing the attention of and informing individuals with an open and similar mind.

Finding its simple beginning from an idea by creative astronaut Jack Coplin Jr. from Let’s Just Be Friends Inc., together with mover and shaker Blaize Bancroft of Gomie Design, the two joined forces to develop a project that combines art and technology at its forefront.

Utilising the digital world to spread the word, thereby allowing anyone anywhere to get involved and harness the #BigMouth as an instrument for change and progress.

“We want people to slow down and realize that there is no need for extremism or jumping to hasty conclusions that benefit one person over another. There are solutions that are favorable to all. We just need to come together to take an idea and bring it to life!”.

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