Top Ways to Dazzle Millennials with Great Web Design

A strong argument can be made claiming that everyone has their own thoughts on what is appealing and what isn’t. Different demographic groups have their very own preferences on how to approach situations, which ultimately enables web designers to categorise whether these actions are/aren’t suitable for that certain demographic. However, there are some ways to captivate millennials, who are in fact becoming one of the most influential groups in modern culture.

Stay up to date

Millennials consider themselves to be hugely tech savvy, which makes them keen to respond to sites. This means that they are sure to react negatively if a site isn’t up to date. Plus, this doesn’t only go for news and trends you display on your blogs, but also for the plugins and themes you are currently using. To avoid this hindrance, you should keep your website up-to-date at all times.

Share-Friendly content

The second thing you need to think about with regards to millennials is that they are the favourite demographics of digital marketers worldwide. This is simply because they are likely to share content that they like and have interest in. This means that you can do your job correct just by starting a social media avalanche- without trying! This is why rule number two lies in making your website and its content totally user and share-friendly.

Introduce yourself

You should take some time to focus on the way you introduce yourself. Whilst a wall of text can be hugely informational, there are a few better ideas to consider. For example, you could have an informational video. We often suggest this concept because people adopt information from visual means 60,000 faster than through texts. Therefore, if you do have a hefty amount of information to put across to your audience, it’s a lot more likely that it will be divulged through a posted video.

Make your website mobile-friendly

The world of the 21st century is a mobile one. Roughly one-third of the world’s population owns a phone, with millennials representing a huge portion of these mobile users. This is exactly why you should adapt your website to appeal to them. You should begin by selecting a mobile-friendly format, and then make it easily legible from a phone.

Apart from the points above, you may want to put a stronger emphasis on speed when it comes to increasing the effectiveness of your approach to millennials. The world is your oyster when it comes to web design, though to succeed we do suggest that you start with the four tips above. Do you need help designing your website? Contact the Gomie Design team today. With a team of professionals paired with competitive pricing, we will be sure to cater to your web design needs.

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