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5 Reasons Business Cards Are Still Relevant

  These days, the exchange of business cards, while the network is still a given. Today we all send emails digitally, sign contracts, and even attend meetings in business. However, it seems that the business card is something that digital … Continue reading

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5 UX Design Trends Every Web Designer Should Know

UX is about delivering greater user satisfaction and pleasure by making the software more usable, accessible, and straightforward. As each year goes by, UX design becomes more and more sophisticated, with us seeing new tools, new frameworks, new technologies, and … Continue reading

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Top Ways to Dazzle Millennials with Great Web Design

A strong argument can be made claiming that everyone has their own thoughts on what is appealing and what isn’t. Different demographic groups have their very own preferences on how to approach situations, which ultimately enables web designers to categorise … Continue reading

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Template vs Bespoke Website Designs

Creating an online presence for your company is no longer invaluable and relevant; it has become necessary for success. A website may be the very first impression a potential customer has with your company or organization, and so it is … Continue reading

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Top Ways to Make Your Website GDPR Compliant

Before we delve into how you can make your website GDPR compliant, we should probably explain it. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU regulation that is ultimately aimed at helping to strengthen data protection for EU … Continue reading

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Top Signs It’s Time For A Website Redesign

It can be difficult for a company/business to know when and how to undergo a complete website redesign. The process of redesigning a website requires a whole lot of commitment, as well as fully trusting those you have hired to … Continue reading

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