5 Reasons Business Cards Are Still Relevant


These days, the exchange of business cards, while the network is still a given. Today we all send emails digitally, sign contracts, and even attend meetings in business. However, it seems that the business card is something that digital will soon completely replace.

Here are five reasons why old school business cards are still relevant – and you should have their pockets full at all times.

They are the most effective digital marketing tool.

Email marketing, search engine optimization, and paid media do an excellent job of attracting opportunities and prospects. However, it is always good to refer to tradition with a personalized meeting sealed with a handshake to exchange business cards. -Providing.

You can meet potential contact at any time, whether at trade shows, conferences, happy hours, or at the airport. For this reason, you must have your business cards with you at all times, ensuring that you do not miss any opportunities. If you see business possibilities in your travel, keep some in your pocket, money clip, wallet or laptop bag.

A business card is your brand’s first impression.

When you meet someone who can be a great customer, don’t you want to leave the conversation with a great first impression? An excellent and memorable business card will do the trick here, it is very much the way your email address and phone number are sent.

Investing in good quality business cards is also to be thought of here. You do not want your brand to be associated with the word “cheap.” Think about it; a retail store trying to make a great first impression will not make a facial sign with a cardboard or a felt tip. We have similar ideas in Gomie Design when it comes to business cards.

The Creative Business Card continues to sell to you; you get shares.

A business card is a physical item that will ensure that your brand is remembered. If you encounter a prospect and change email addresses and phone numbers, you are only traveling with another contact on your mobile phone. However, if he hands over a manufactured business card, which makes a great first impression, he is likely to show it to other people. Ultimately, this puts you and your brand in front of additional perspectives.

Business cards are personal.

Networking means building authentic business relationships. Sending your contact information via text or email can be convenient, but may seem quite impersonal to the receiving company. According to research published on DX Print Group on business card interactions, staying in eye contact, and having real conversations is the beginning of real relationships. You can quickly transfer information from a business card to your mobile device after an interview.

Expresses business card preparation/organization

Have you ever written your contact information on a cocktail napkin and handed it to you? How about someone who had a phone but then the battery died? This is not the most professional approach, is it? Imagine this; You meet two possible prospects, and one leaves himself to find a pen and paper, and the other simply pulls out a business card, who are you going to do business with? Showing that you are ready is a big sign of how you are doing.

Want to make a great first impression and remember your brand? No fear. We, at Gomie Design, can sort you with some informative yet attractive business cards. Contact us today for more information.


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