Digitally marketing your business during at Christmas

Here at Gomie, we are all about designing for purpose, especially when creating e-commerce websites. Eager to drive as much traffic to our clients’ sites as possible, we are much in-demand over Christmas period, with our clients wanting to process as many transactions as possible in the lead-up to Christmas.
Whilst effective SEO will play a key role in the amount of traffic your website welcomes in December, there are many other things you can do to drive users to your site this year; here are just a few!

Send a digital Christmas card

Though a bit of an obvious one, sending a digital Christmas card can do wonders for both sales and brand awareness, showing past/future customers that you are friendly whilst showcasing your products/services. Whether you gain a sale out of it that day or not, the recipient will certainly remember you, and let’s be honest, that’s what marketing is all about!

Communicating deals through e-shots

Though your customers will receive a huge number of emails as Christmas approaches, it can be an effective easy to communicate deals. However, ensure your email stands out in the ether of e-shots. To do so, take some inspiration from the below tips:

Make your subject line sharp and to-the-point
Include graphics to ensure better engagements
Feature sharable content
Send at 11am or 3pm (optimum times)
Brand up your social media channels

Though people say that you shouldn’t really play with your logo, ensuring branding consistency, at Christmas the rulebook goes out of the window. Here at Gomie, we thoroughly enjoy creating Christmas graphics. Whether it be our clients’ logo with snowflakes in the background or simply refreshing the colours to be more festive; the slightest of tweaks can turn your social media branding from decent to December!

Landing pages

To really add to that festive spirit in your Christmas marketing, why not make some amendments to your website? From pieces of holly to sparkling baubles surrounding your landing page, the options are truly endless. By doing so, you will communicate a message that you are on point, working with a digital marketing strategy that is constantly moving forward.

How can Gomie help?

If you would like some support with regards to promoting your business online, be sure that the Gomie team are here to help. Contact us today and learn more about the range of different services we can offer.

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