Facebook launches live streaming and video chat features

Facebook has the week announced new features to its mobile gaming offering, successfully competing with Google, Apple and the likes by doing so. Building in its Instant Games product, Facebook is fast becoming a fully-integrated platform; one that gamers are starting to take more seriously than ever.

So, what exactly is Instant Games? Instant Games is a tool that permits its users to play HTML5 games within Facebook Messenger as well as on their News Feed. Making for smooth gameplay, players do not have to download anything or be diverted to another site.

Already hailed for its sleek development, Facebook have now gone one step further, last Friday launching a live-streaming feature. Now, those using the social media platform can broadcast their game using Facebook Live, sharing their gaming experience with Friends on their profile. Next for Facebook is the upcoming video chat feature which will allow users to video chat friends while playing games. Placing a huge focus on building a digital community, Facebook promises that this is just the beginning for Instant Games.

But why the new focus?

Though Facebook was once the go-to website when looking to chat and connect with friends online, the past decade has seen many new digital kids hit the block and remain there. Making the world of social media a competitive space, Facebook are doing all they can to remain at the top, competing with Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple and many others. From gaming and messaging to job-hunting and reviews, consumers can now use Facebook for pretty much anything.

Facebook advantages

So, what does Facebook offer that others cannot? Well, according to Business Insider; a lot. Commenting on these latest features; they write:

“The additional features will make Instant Games more engaging, and keep users on Facebook longer. The new features encourage users to share with friends in fun, interactive ways while playing games. And integrating some of Facebook’s features, such as Facebook Live, into Messenger will only strengthen Facebook’s ecosystem.”

Another point to note is that Apple and Google do not boast the platform-agnostic solution to allow its users to play Instant Games, meaning if players want to play, they have to engage with the social giants that are Facebook.

Here at Gomie Design, we expect more and more brands to start exploring the benefits of gamification, jumping on the mobile gaming bandwagon to help market their products and services online.

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